SDI Services

Our batch regeneration plant is capable of a minimum output of 180 cubic feet of high quality high capacity mixed bed resins per day. 


SDI tanks can be placed in different combinations to create systems that can produce product water flow rates ranging from 1 to 50 GPM.


Currently we provide service in three sizes


The fiberglass tank is nine inches in diameter and forty-four inches tall. It contains a 1.2 cubic foot of Mixbed resin. This unit is commonly used in labs, hospitals, and industries for flow rates of 1 GPM up to 10 GPM


The fiberglass tank is fourteen inches in diameter and forty-seven inches tall. It contains 3.6 cubic feet of Mixbed resin. This unit is commonly use in applications where flow rates are greater than 10 GPM or the water volume usages are larger.


The lined steel tank is thirty inches in diameter and the height is seventy-eight inches. This is our largest model and contains 34 cubic feet of Mixbed resin. The jumbo can be configured in a series to meet practically any water treatment application.

Standard delivery time is 24 hours